Quadragon CPR Training Camp

Do you know that the survival chances fall by 10% per minute of CPR delay but double with prompt CPR following a cardiac arrest? These statistics convinced my group members to teach CPR to school students and save lives in the broader picture. Hence, on 29th April 2019, Group 14 of Quadragon Challenge 2.0, in collaboration with AKU-Humanity Initiative, visited Al-Mehran Secondary School to conduct a CPR Training Camp. The volunteers included Muntazir Mehdi, Ronika Ukrani, Ayesha Nasir, Muhammad Bin Hammad, Rabab Jafry and Zoha Fazal. The camp started off with Muntazir Mehdi explicitly covering the CPR procedure. Thereafter, the students were split into smaller groups, each supervised by a volunteer, and quizzed orally to test their learning. Simultaneously, interested students also performed CPR on the manikin. After the session, the School’s Principal was extremely grateful to us for teaching such an important life-saving procedure. This experience was an eye-opener for us volunteers and instilled in us how privileged we are to give back to our community through amazing platforms like Quadragon.

Dated: 29th April, 2019.