Listen, I was sitting under the light of stars when all of a sudden, I heard a sound. I looked up towards the sky to find its source, but all I could see was a ball of light. It was probably a star. But of what kind? I don’t know. Neither was it fixed to its place like a normal star of constellation, nor was it a shooting star hurtling towards the Earth. But It was giving off fierce light like a falling star.

Finding me attentive, It started to address me with.

“Oh Human! Have you ever cared enough to look up at the sky? This universe has been adorned for you. We wait for your attention for decades and end up becoming the dust of your feet.”
“I’m not an astronomer who should be looking at the sky! My life is full of troubles that are far beyond your knowledge,” I replied.

I noticed that the light of that star had dimmed. It spoke to me again, this time with a voice empty of life –as if it was speaking from the bottom of a deep empty well. Somewhere within me, I felt my sense of identity strangle itself.

“You have forgotten that you aren’t created for this universe rather this universe has been set up for you. But you tagged yourself with the labels you preferred. You don’t think outside those boxes that you’ve made in your mind. The Human, for whom this infinite universe was created, has caged himself in the finite walls of his thoughts. A botanist won’t look at the stars because that’s what astronomers do. And so now, nature isn’t beautiful to you. It’s a burden on your existence.You don’t want to give it anything and draw the most out of it.But Alas!That can’t happen, it goes two way.”
It continued like an old man sharing his regrets.

“It’s not knowledge that you’re gaining anymore. You used nature to gain the power. But now,Its not leading you anywhere and you’ve forgotten your grounds.”

Before I could even bring words to my mouth, my eyes opened and like that falling star, the dream burned up into air.

Still rubbing my eyes, I pondered;
Nature tries to talk to us. But it only gives its message to those who are present there at the right time, in the right place with the right frequency.

– Sheza Hassan