Pluralism: A Concept of Acceptance

As we peep out from the caves of our own lives, we get to see a lot of people. People who are so similar to us and yet so different. As we delve further into the relations of us with the rest of the world, we realize that we do not accept everyone as our own and to those who aren’t our own: we hate, we blame, we cast assumptions. Most of the time, we forget that we descend from the same source and “live in the same world’

Unfortunately, In our world differences have always been a reason for conflict instead of a reason to celebrate. This could be because most of us do not want to make the effort of moving out of our comfort zones to get to know people who belong to a different class, culture or religion. Instead we consider those who aren’t like us to be inferior and would prefer not to have any relations with them. This leads to most of us developing assumptions and living in our own world of delusions.

Our universe would definitely be a better if we were willing to learn more about our differences and not only accept them and celebrate them; but also make use of them as our strength to triumph over tough situations. For example we can use cultural difference to look at situations from a different point of view in terms of prayer and worshipping GOD, different techniques of fighting diseases and in general learning from each other’s lives The start of this could best be done if we’d make slight changes in our own routine.

For instance, how many of us have ever asked workers or housemaids about their way of life and their daily routine? If yes, have we learnt any lessons from their lives and applied it into our own? Or do we just end up feeling pity for them and praying that our lives never become that terrible? A good way of being more accepting is taking the good and ignore the bad from every different person we see around us. The more we do that, the more open we become to positive vibes. We have more room to learn, love and spread good words as Ambassadors.

The fact is that there could be a thousand ways through which we could consider ourselves different. Celebrating that difference makes us work together and our energies when combined become synergistic. This way we could deal with a ton of different situations using a VARIETY of ideas since we all stem from different backgrounds. This way we could move forward exponentially, from research and technology to medicine and finance. Working with those whom we choose to work with and eliminating others who we think don’t “fit in” automatically makes us ignore some new ideas that we could get and some new and different solutions to problems.

The world has reached a state where we mostly get news of conflict and violence and less news of about altruism. If pluralism is used as weapon where we unitedly use different strengths of ours to deal with different situations from fighting diseases to fighting wars, we can surely defeat all the evil around us and through the celebration of our differences, help others in need and get helped too in the process. So rule no.1 in doing all charity is to be accepting and open to learning from the people we help.

— Zaiba Dawood