Scholarship Quadragon

Education sponsorship is part of the backbone of Quadragon’s philosophy.

Established to resolve the root cause of problems in society, we as a team believe that an individual’s socio-economic status should not dictate their access to education. Education helps in progress and creates potential opportunity to make one’s life sustainable. Not only that, education enables one to understand and appreciate the world around us and helps us gain an introspective ability enabling personal growth.

With all this in mind, the education sponsorship group was set up in 2017.

The mission started when a few university students thought that there had been too much said but nothing achieved. The look out began ever since. The students spread out to different parts of society identifying the potential spaces where work needed to be done and help can be given. Simply said, they had enough with the bureaucracy

One such place was a school associated with the “Idara-Al-Khair Initiative” where some 8 students’ fee is still being sponsored to date. Our help was not limited to one school only. We further helped another individual to pursue her education by sponsoring her admission fee for Shah Sultan Mohammad Shah school. This is considered a huge moment of pride for us, as within our culture we feel the impact would not only be felt in that girl’s life, but shock-wave throughout her family that is and family to come!

Our second initiative was to address other barriers to education. With time we realized that school fee was not the only problem that stopped students from studying; factors like books, stationary and uniform availability also impeded learning.

We therefore dealt with the situation by keeping a lookout for these situations. It started with a single student was on the verge of dropping out of school for being unable to purchase a uniform. Eventually, we came to help support over 10 students in getting their books, stationary and uniforms. These small initiatives gave us deep satisfaction and brought broad smiles to the faces of passionate students.

We as a team want to motivate students to study and support themselves by creating opportunity. Our mission does not end here and is not limited to just school students. We are planning on expanding our projects to reach out to those for whom going to school has been an undreamt dream. We would like to help those individuals who have the wish to study but not the funds for it. We do not want education to have any barriers.

Our next plan is to sponsor 50 more students and to allow the elderly to get an access to education. It isn’t a must that one should only go through a formal education by going to school, education has many sources one of which includes online educational courses which is our long-term plan to support and promote for the adults. This is to enhance skills of men and women so that they are able provide quality service and work efficiently in their jobs.

We also aim to promote early childhood education (ECD) to children of tender age who can make better people and leaders in the future.

We hope you follow us on this journey to actualize the importance of education in Karachi.