Today’s education system has become obsolete making it difficult for the students to cope up with the current fast paced world. Moreover, classrooms today, still encourage rote learning and multiple testing, adding unnecessary pressure on children and killing creativity. Uraan, which translates "flight", is an AKU medical students’ led project, under Quadragon, that aims to provide education innovatively to children at pre-existing educational institutes at Karachi sparking their imagination, promoting curiosity and building confidence by engaging students in activity and game-based learning. Uraan is a workshop-based project and these workshops take place every alternate month. These workshops are led by volunteers which currently consist of a group of dedicated medical students who dedicate their time and effort in conducting different workshop. The main purpose of these workshops is not only to improve the English language skills but also to increase their exposure to facilities that can positively impact their academic performance and their personal growth. This allows these children to take with them not only practical skills, but also values that can influence their lives. We are currently conducting all our at Jawad Public School and we hope that we are able to influence lives and that Uraan model is replicated in several other underprivileged schools for their improvements .



Uraan conducted their first ever workshop at JPS and this workshop served as an ice breaking with the students and the start of our Uraan journey. Art is a beautiful medium via which one expresses their feelings, the students in a span of 60 min created some wonderful pieces with paints, crayons and simple pencils. We then set up soft boards in each of the classes to display and admire their masterpieces.


This was a two-day workshop where the students were taught the importance of gardening and a greener environment. The students also got a chance to carry out a hands-on activity in which the kids were taught how to plant a seed and look after it for a week, as a dedicated civil responsibility project.


This was our first collaboration with the ASDH students. This workshop was very engaging since our teams did some cool experiments to show the effects of not practicing good dental hygiene. The students were also taught when and how to brush their teeth properly plus were also gifted small Colgate goody bags arranged by our teams.


It is very important to teach students not only to keep their bodies but also their surroundings clean. In this workshop along with giving talks, our teams led groups of students outside the school to pick up small waste as a small exercise to help them remember the responsibility of a good citizen.